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Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 1

Alright so here's the deal. I am a terrible "blogger". I have these thoughts that I don't know how to express except by writing them out, then once I get them out of my head I'm "free". But I don't always have something to say or to express, or at least it's not always something I think is worth taking the time to tediously post a blog entry about. So that explains my infrequent and rather sporadic entries.

Lately though (three days ago), I started writing out WAY TOO MUCH in attachment to my Instagram pictures, so I figured I'd move the long-windedness to here, since for my own self I do need to keep "writing it out", but for Instagram's sake, I can keep the writing there brief.

I'll go back three days and start with Day 1:

I started Day 1 of the #shereadstruth Sermon on the Mount series and I am so excited to dig deeper! I loved the line from the study, "Jesus preached a religion that was not about doing, but about being." I've heard it said before that Christianity isn't something you ARE -- it's not a noun -- it's something you DO -- it's a verb. I agree with the general goodwill of that definition, but I sincerely disagree with the message it portrays about Christianity! Of course we need to love and accept and care for everyone, especially the needy. (If God is calling you to serve in a specific way, by all means GO. DO IT. I did! And I don't intend to stop!) But what we've done -- both good and bad -- does not define us, and especially not in the eyes of Christ. The inside cover of the study journal says "The Law reveals our need and Christ fulfills the Law." Beautifully put! Let's not confuse that with a free pass to commit whatever sin we want, whenever we want, though. It's a reminder of the depth of God's (undeserved) Grace.

 So I'll leave this post at that. ♡

Oh, She Reads Truth is an incredible online community Bible Study that I just recently joined. I absolutely love what they're doing there, and would invite absolutely anyone (even "He"s) to join in.

Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 2

Reading Truth: Sermon on the Mount: Day 2

Perception Is(n't) Everything

Perception Is(n't) Everything