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Boaters, Contractors, and the Promise Ignored

No Thanks, I'm Good I heard a (true) story some time ago of a religious man who fell off of his roof while doing repairs. He fell onto his cement driveway, and was very severely injured. It just so happened that someone that he'd contracted to help him with his roof arrived "at the scene" soon after the accident. The contractor told the man that he was going to take him to the hospital, but the man refused, insisting that God would heal him. (Neither the man nor his wife "believed in" medicine, so I'm told.) The man went home with his injuries, and died a short time after.

I've heard another similar story a few times. In this one, there is a horrible flood that wipes out a town. A man is stranded, floating on a piece of a house, or something. A neighbor floats by in a little raft and tells the man to get in! The man refuses, insisting that God will save him. A little later, a rescue boat floats by, and they tell the man to get in! The man refuses a second time, insisting that God will save him. Later still, a medic (or someone) is sent down from a helicopter to pull the man up to safety, and again, the man refuses, insisting that God will save him. I think in the version of the story I've heard, the man dies.


The Moral of The Story

One might say that the moral of these stories is to not depend completely on God, because you also have to rely a bit on the outside world, right? Common sense, logic, resources, and... the list goes on. 

OR, one (I) might say that the moral of the story is that God is trying to rescue you, you're just not paying attention. You're either not listening or you've got your eyes shut -- whether intentionally or not, only you and He know. 

The two men in these stories were in very similar situations. They clearly had a lot of faith -- blind faith -- and that is great! But what did they miss, here? They were prideful, and stubborn, and they missed the message that God was trying to scream at them: I AM HERE. JUST REACH OUT! ACCEPT MY HELP, MY LOVE, AND YOU'LL BE SAVED! Isn't it just that easy? All we have to do is surrender ourselves, our lives, our problems, our anxieties, everything to Him, and we will be free. 

If you think God might be speaking to you, He probably IS. If you don't think He's speaking to you, be a better listener



Many people relate my husband and I to the two men in these stories. What we are doing, by following God's call for us to be missionaries, is telling the world that God is our provider. The difference between us and these two dudes in our stories here though, is that we are teaming up with God through prayer, the Word, and a community of believers that truly believe in us and our calling. We have worked HARD to get here, and we're going to continue to work HARD while we are here.

We depend fully on God, but we also know that God has a plan! Nothing has fallen into our laps, and we never expected as such! But we trust that through our hard work and specific prayers, God will continue to fulfill our needs. How can we believe that? Easy: That's what He promised to do.

Choosing to Walk

Judgment (Ew.)